Our policy is for patients to pay at the time of their consultation.

If this may be difficult for you, please talk to our receptionist or practice manager before your appointment.

If you’re unsure or worried about cost during your consultation, talk to your doctor or nurse. We are here to help.

We accept cash, most credit cards, and have on-line banking and “Easy claim” facilities for people who have Southern Cross Health Insurance

Below are our standard fees to see a doctor. However, they may be different if:

          • more than one person sees the doctor or nurse.

          • you need a medical for insurance.

          • you are having a procedure such as an IUD inserted or a skin lesion removed.

          • you want to discuss several different problems.

          • you’re a non-New Zealand resident and need laboratory testing services.


New Funding from 1st July 2019

We are now offering enrolled patients who hold a current community services card a reduced fee of $19 for a basic 10 minute consultation with either their Doctor or Nurse.

For longer appointments or extra services, additional charges will apply.

For a list of fees for other services we offer, see:

Nurse services

Women’s Health