If the problem is urgent, phone 348 5749 and talk to the receptionist or nurse, who will advise you on what to do next.

Otherwise, to see a doctor or nurse, either book an appointment online, or phone us on 348 5749.

For Nurse appointments, women’s health appointments and childrens vaccinations, you will need to phone us.

Doctor appointments 

Normal doctor’s appointments are 15 minutes. You might need more time if:   

      • more than one person wants to see the doctor.

     • you need a medical for insurance. 

     • you are having a procedure, for example an IUD inserted or skin lesion removed. 

    • you want to discuss several problems.

Nurse appointments

Normal nurse’s appointments are 15 minutes. You can book an appointment to see a nurse for:

      • Blood pressure checks

      • Cervical smears

      • Liquid nitrogen for some skin lesions

      • Wound dressings

      • Contraception checks

      • Blood tests

      • Dietary advice

      • Sexual health checks (free if aged under 21 years)

      • Some vaccinations

     • Some injections, for example B12, Depo

For more information on seeing one of our experienced nurses, see our Nurses Service page. 

To find out about all our services, see our Services and Fees pages. 

Appointment times

We see our patients Monday to Thursday between 8.15am and 6.15pm, and on Fridays between 8.15am and 4pm.

Within these times every day, we can also offer:

      • time slots for urgent appointments

      • lunchtime appointments between 12.30 and 1.30pm

To book one of these appointments, phone our receptionist on 348 5749.

We do our best to keep our appointments running on time. However, we always tend to urgent problems straight away, and this can cause delays. If this happens to you, please be patient and know we’re doing our very best to see you as soon as we can.

Book online 

If you can’t find a suitable appointment time online, phone us on 348 5749. We will often have a time available that isn’t showing online.


We use the booking website Connectmed. The first time you use this appointment tool, you’ll need to register. This is quick and easy to do.

Simply, click the “Book an appointment” button above, then select “Join” from the menu, fill out the form with your personal details, and choose a password.

Once you have registered, you can log in at any time to make an appointment or request a repeat prescription.

Please include details about why you want to see a doctor or nurse, under “reason for visit”. This helps us to make sure your appointment is long enough.

If you have any problems, phone our receptionists on 348 5749 and they’ll be happy to help you.